Stormwater Management

Winter conditions can change quickly - warm weather can result in a rapid melt and freeze / thaw cycles can create hazardous conditions around your home.

Take these important steps to protect your property from potential drainage / safety issues:

  • Spread sand or gravel to give pedestrians traction. Free rock chips are available in bins on the corner of 47 A Street and 56 Ave and between the Arena and Infinity Centre parking lots.
  • Keep sidewalks, catch basins/stormwater drains and gutters clear of snow and ice where possible.
  • Don't shovel snow onto the road to help prevent build-up around gutters and drains.
  • Check your culverts and open up any blockages.
  • Clear debris out of eavestroughs.
  • Point downspouts away from your home.
  • Ensure sump pumps and weeping tiles are working properly to encourage proper drainage from your property.
  • If you see frozen storm drains or immediate threat of flooding to homes, businesses or roadways, please contact the Town Office at 780-796-3731.

When warmer temperatures hit, we see an increase in concerns about frozen culverts and blocked ditches. Maintenance for these problem areas is prioritized as follows: 1) flooding to private homes/infrastructure, 2) flooding and potential damage to public infrastructure, and 3) water in ditch and/or on land without risk to infrastructure.

Odour alert:
Spring stormwater odours—stormwater moving through the storm drains may have a rotten egg odour due to vegetation breakdown from the stormwater ponds. Once spring thaw is over, the odours will disappear.