Smart Wastewater Treatment

The Town of Bruderheim treats its wastewater through a stabilization lagoon system, which consists of a series of nine ponds. Wastewater from the Town travels through these ponds, gradually being cleaned by a number of naturally occurring physical, biological, and chemical processes. For example, wind helps to move and mix the water, providing oxygen to the plants and microbes that help to trap or break down pollutants.

This type of wastewater treatment system uses much less energy than other treatment methods, and is very effective at removing disease-causing organisms from the water. What makes Bruderheim's system special is that it consists of nine ponds, which is above the norm  -  and the more cells the water travels through, the cleaner it is when it leaves the system. We can feel good about the quality of effluent that is released and is eventually returned to local waterways.

Water is tested and discharged from the system once per year in the spring, following Alberta Environment regulations.