Spring Creek Wetland

Wetlands play a vital role in water management by helping to clean our water and reduce flooding and erosion. The Spring Creek Wetland, located on the west side of Highway 45, is a significant environmental resource for Bruderheim.

Bruderheim wetland

 Spring Creek Wetland Enhancement Project

In the summer of 2006, the Town joined forces with the Spring Creek Green Team (a dedicated group of green-thumbed volunteers) and the local Communities in Bloom chapter to produce a wetland enhancement project in the Spring Creek Wetland area. The project consisted of two parts: native plant beds construction and a wetland interpretive centre. Funding for the project came from Shell Scotford, the Wal-Mart-Evergreen Green Grants Program (2006), and a Tire Recycling Alberta Grant.

 Native Plant Beds

Five native plant beds were constructed to reflect the major vegetation types that existed in the Bruderheim area prior to settlement, such as Aspen Parkland and Prairie Grassland. Some of the native plants utilized include trembling aspen, red-osier dogwood, snowberry, Nuttal's sunflower, purple prairie clover, and blue grama grass. Plants were sourced from within a 100 km radius of Bruderheim and planted by Spring Creek Green Team volunteers. Interpretive signs within the plant beds detail the importance of native plants and the major vegetation types represented. The project was a success  -  it increased biodiversity in the area, created habitat for many native wildlife species, and increased public knowledge of the benefits of native plants.

Spring Creek Wetland

 Wetland Interpretive Centre

The Spring Creek Wetland Interpretive Centre overlooks the wetland and native plant beds. Six interpretive panels detail the importance of wetlands and the wildlife that use them, and display a number of children's drawings from the Bruderheim School. The base of the structure is recycled tire Pour-in-Place surfacing, adding another positive environmental element to the area.