If you have questions, please call 780-796-3731 or email info@bruderheim.ca.

Running water on hands

 Water Service

Bruderheim gets its water from the Capital Region Vegreville Corridor Water Services Commission.

The Town does not have a treatment facility, but rather has a 2,273 cubic meter capacity reservoir with distribution pumps. The 44 hydrants within the Town which are serviced twice per year. Chlorine levels within the water are tested each working day, and four samples per month are tested for bacteria content.

Think you might have a water leak? Please contact the Public Works Department to schedule an inspection (780-796-3731).

For information about water restrictions and bans, please visit the Water Restrictions and Bans page.

 Bulk Water

Bruderheim's bulk water service runs on a 'Pin System'. If you'd like to collect water, you must first purchase it at the Town Office (5017 Queen Street) - you will then be provided with an access number.

Please refer to our Fees and Charges for bulk water costs.

Bulk Water Location:  5324-52 Avenue. Open 24 hours. 2" and 4" outlets (cam lock fittings) are available. Customers will need to have air gap between outlet and tank.

Access to Bulk Water Station:

There is now an electronically controlled gate at the entrance to the Public Works yard, 5324 - 52 Avenue, where the water fill station is located. In order to gain access you will need to enter an access code. All existing bulk water customers will receive a letter and access code. New customers may contact the Town Office for an access code.

For after hours gate access, please be aware of the following:

1. Enter your access code, followed by the pound key (#), on gate keypad to enter.

2. The gate will automatically close behind you.

3. Enter your access code, followed by the pound key (#), on the gate keypad to exit.

4. The gate will automatically close behind you.             

 Water Conservation

Did you know that the average Canadian uses 10,000 litres of water each month? The Town of Bruderheim encourages residents to conserve water to lighten our impact on our watershed. One way you could do this is by mulching your lawn  -  this helps it to grow thicker, with fewer weeds and less watering required. Lawn maintenance consumes a large amount of our water supply every summer. Other ways include installing low flush toilets, turn water off while you're brushing your teeth, fix dripping faucets and check frequently for leaks.

Let's work together to improve water conservation in our community!


Water bills are sent out at the end of each month. Payment is due on or by the 15th of each month (regardless of which day the 15th falls on).  Late payments are assessed at a 5% penalty rate.

Go paperless!

Sign up to receive your Bruderheim Utility Bill via email. Visit the Forms Page to download the "Utilities Paperless Form" and sign up for utility e-billing today!

Sign Up Now  -  Automatic Withdrawal Utility Bill Payments

We offer all residents an automatic withdrawal for paying utility bills. Your water bill can be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on the 15th of every month.

If you're interested, please fill out the Utility Automatic Monthly Payment Request Form from our Forms Page, attach a void cheque and stop by the Town Office (5017 Queen Street). We will do the rest!


 Consumption-based water rate system:

Rates are based on consumption, similar to other consumption-based utilities, such as gas and electricity.

  • Water bills are based on consumption: the less water you use, the lower your bill will be.
  • Meters are read monthly for more accurate bills.
  • Consumption-based water rate systems create a fair and equitable utility rate structure that promotes water conservation.