Bylaws ensure the quality of life in our town, and Bruderheim Town Council is interested in providing residents with improved bylaw services. The first step is communication to ensure that all residents have a good understanding of the key bylaws serving our community.

If you have any questions about Bruderheim bylaws, check out our Bylaw FAQs or contact the Director of Development and Legislative Services (780-796-3731) at the Town Office, located at 5017 Queen Street.   


  Animal Control Bylaw (#13-2013)

This bylaw regulates the keeping and harbouring of animals within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Bruderheim, with the exception of dogs. For regulation of dogs, see Dog Bylaw.

  Campground Bylaw (#3-2021)

This bylaw provides the rules and regulations for control and operation of the Town of Bruderheim Starlight Campground and RV Park.

  Community Standards Bylaw (#45-2016)

This bylaw is in place to ensure that the Town is presented in a positive light to visitors and potential buyers, and more importantly, that Bruderheim a pleasant place to live for our current residents.

  • Your property and the buildings on your property must be in good repair.
  • Your yard must be free of excess garbage and clutter. This includes large garbage items, such as old cars that are not running or are missing parts, old appliances, and piles of lumber or metal.
  • Grass must be well-kept and weeds kept in check.

  Curfew Bylaw (#46-2016)

The purpose of this bylaw is to impose protective curfew regulations to support the health, safety and welfare of people and property.

  Dog Control Bylaw (#14-2013)

This bylaw ensures responsible and safe dog ownership within Bruderheim:

  • All dogs must be licensed with the Town of Bruderheim. Licenses must be renewed annually.
  • Only two dogs per household.
  • If you'd like to have a third dog you must complete an Over-Limit Application from the Forms Page and submit it with the correct fee. If approved, you may then purchase a license for the new dog. Your over-limit permit must also be renewed each year.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your dog(s) under control at all times and to not allow excessive barking.
  • You must clean up any waste from your dog(s) when out walking around town.
  • Your dog(s) must always be on a leash if out of your yard and must be confined to your yard when at home.
  • Any dog that attacks a person, threatens a person, chases a vehicle, chases a person on a bicycle, horse or while walking, or attacks another pet is guilty of an offence and Bylaw officers can be called to enforce the bylaw.

See Doggy-Dos and Doggy-Don'ts for more information.

  FortisAlberta Bylaw (#06-2019)

This bylaw prohibits other providers from providing electric distribution service within the legal boundaries of Bruderheim. 

  Land Use Bylaw (LUB) (#33-2015)

  Property Sale Bylaw (#10-2020)

A bylaw that establishes the terms and conditions governing propery sales by public auction held by the Town of Bruderheim to dispose of property for tax arrears.

  Regional Fire Services Bylaw (#8-2023)

This bylaw guides the establishment and operations of a fire service authorized to prevent and control fires, and to authorize the recovery of related fees, expenses and charges.