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Services Provided by Public Works: 


  • The connection, disconnection, replacement, and alteration of water service
  • Water main repairs
  • The installation and replacement of water meters
  • Maintenance and inspection of sewer lines
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Major road maintenance-overlays
  • Snow removal and ice control
  • Alley and gravel road grading
  • Sanding - when the streets get icy
  • Rock chipping of selected icy sidewalks, parking lots, walkways and stairways
  • Street cleaning / sweeping - April
  • Pothole patching - May
  • Dust suppression
  • Street repairs - June - July
  • Sidewalk repairs - June - July
  • Crack filling (tar) - May
  • Line and crosswalk painting - August
  • Walking trail system maintenance
  • Sign replacement and repair
  • Planning for new roads and sidewalks
  • Traffic signal repair and planning
  • Manage and operate the water distribution system
  • Manage and operate the waste water collection system
  • Manage and operate the waste water treatment plant
  • Water reads monthly
  • Maintenance of playgrounds
  • Arena operation and maintenance of ice and building
  • Manage and maintain all Town-owned buildings
  • Campground operation and maintanace
  • Maintain forganic waste site
  • Operate and maintain Cosmic Skate Park
  • Landscape maintenance 
    • Grass cutting (fields and boulevards)
    • Weed control and inspection,
    • Tree planting and care
    • Watering of trees and flowers, as well as weeding, tree trimming, and planting
    • Communities in Bloom program support



Public Works Notices

  • Please do NOT leave your garbage at the compost station  -  this area is for GRASS CLIPPINGS AND BRANCHES ONLY.
  • When filling your outdoor swimming pools please notify the Town Office as we are monitoring water usage. Thank you for your cooperation.


Please drive courteous and safe so we call all go home at the end of the day!


Contact Us:

Town Shop Location: 5324 - 52nd Avenue

Phone: 780-796-3731

Email Director of Public Works: