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Bruderheim’s Tax Installment Payment Plan bylaw allows residents to sign up for direct withdrawal from their bank accounts for monthly property tax payments.

Online banking is accessible with most financial institutions. Visit the Town Office to fill out the Property Tax Installment Payment Plan application form (find it on our Forms Page) or call the Town Office for more information (780-796-3731).






What is the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)?

TIPP is a tax installment payment plan by which taxpayers in the Town of Bruderheim may pay their property tax in monthly installments instead of a single payment.


What's the advantage of TIPP?

Many people find it difficult to make a single large payment that comes due once a year. Monthly installments break your property tax into smaller amounts which may make it easier to budget.


Who can join TIPP?

You can join TIPP if

  • your tax account is paid in full
  • you have chequing privileges at a financial institution (bank, trust company, treasury branch or credit union)
  • you do not currently pay your taxes through a mortgage company (P.I.T.)
  • your application is received at least two weeks before the start of the next calendar year (December 15)


How does TIPP work?

Your current tax levy will be divided by 12 to establish your monthly payments.

I/We acknowledge there may be a difference between the amount paid by installments and the actual tax levy and that an adjustment may be necessary. The monthly installment amount for the period of January 1st until the date of the Tax Notice being mailed is calculated by dividing the previous year’s tax levy by the remaining months in the calendar year. The monthly installment amount after the Tax Notice has been mailed will be calculated by the actual current year’s tax levy, subtracting the prior monthly installments that have been received to date (if any), and dividing by the remaining months in the calendar year. Your monthly payment will be adjusted June 1 to compensate for changes in taxes resulting from the annual tax levy. Your annual tax bill, usually issued in May, will show the total amount of installments to date and the calculation of the installment payments for the remaining payments in that year.

Payments begin January 1 of the new year and continue each consecutive month.

Payments may only be made by automatic withdrawal from an account with chequing privileges at a financial institution. All debits are processed for the first banking day of each month. You must give written permission before the withdrawals will begin. The Town of Bruderheim does not charge for this service; however bank service charges may apply.


Withdrawal from TIPP

You may withdraw from the plan by giving written notice at least two weeks before the next payment date. If you withdraw or your plan is cancelled, all unpaid taxes become due and payable, and are subject to penalties in accordance with the penalty by-law.


Missed payments

If any payments are missed, or returned by your financial institution, the Town of Bruderheim may cancel that agreement and request payment of the total outstanding taxes. All returned payments will be charged an administration fee in accordance with the current fees and charges Bylaw.


Change of account

If you change your chequing account please advise the Town of Bruderheim Administration Office at 780-796-3731 at least two weeks before the next payment is due.


What happens if I sell my property during the year?

If you are on the TIPP program and sell your property, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Tax Department is given written notification that you are withdrawing from the plan. Please provide notification at least two weeks before the date that you wish to withdraw by.

Written notification can be sent by

  • e-mail:
  • fax: (780) 796-3037
  • Town Office drop box 
  • mail
  • delivering to the Town of Bruderheim Administrative Office at 5017 Queen Street

 As you are responsible for the taxes for that portion of the year that you own the property, we can provide your solicitor with the balance on your account upon request. Your solicitor should take your TIPP payments into consideration when transferring the property to the new owner.

If you are selling and purchasing a new property within the Town of Bruderheim, and wish to continue on TIPP for your new property, please contact our office for assistance.


How do I apply for TIPP?

Complete and sign the application form found on our Forms Page and send it along with a sample cheque marked “VOID”.


By mail to:                                                                                                   

Town of Bruderheim                                                                        

Box 280

Bruderheim AB T0B 0S0

By fax to: 780-796-3037 

By email to: 


Further information

If you have any further questions about the tax installment payment plan (TIPP), please call 780-796-3731