Planning Documents

The Canadian Institute of Planners lends a definition of land use planning: it is the scientific, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities and services. It secures the physical, economic and social efficiency, and health and well-being of urban and rural communities.

Through land use planning, we strive to resolve the many, and often conflicting, pressures on Bruderheim's land and resources.


 Guiding Documents

Strategic Plan

The purpose of the strategic plan is to set overall goals for the community and to develop a plan to achieve them. As we step into the future, it is important to know what our priorities are.

Master Services Plan

The Master Services Plan assists Administration and Council in planning and budgeting infrastructure upgrades and expansion to achieve orderly and coordinated development.

 Legislation & Policy

For a full listing of Bruderheim Bylaws, please visit our Bylaws Page.

For a full listing of Bruderheim Policies, please visit our Policies Page.

Area Structure Plan Policy - available on our Policies Page

Area Structure Plans are an important part of the planning process that provides a framework for the subsequent subdivision and development of land. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that Council's land use policies, as outlined in the Town's Strategic Plan (Vision 2035) and the Municipal Development Plan, are implemented in Area Structure Plans and Area Structure Plan amendments adopted by Council.


Community Standards Bylaw - available on our Bylaws Page

This bylaw is in place to ensure that the Town is presented in a positive light to visitors and potential buyers, and more importantly, that Bruderheim a pleasant place to live for our current residents.

  • Your property and the buildings on your property must be in good repair.
  • Your yard must be free of excess garbage and clutter. This includes large garbage items, such as old cars that are not running or are missing parts, old appliances, and piles of lumber or metal.
  • Grass must be well-kept and weeds kept in check.


Land Use Bylaw (LUB) - available on our Bylaws Page

Bruderheim's Land Use Bylaw divides the town into land use districts, provides regulations for each district and outlines procedures for development of any parcel within the town limits of Bruderheim.


Municipal Development Plan (MDP) - available on our Bylaws Page

Bruderheim's Municipal Development Plan (15-2013) has been prepared as a framework to fulfill community goals, enhance community strengths, and address the challenges and issues relating to the future use and development of land. The plan informs the general public, private developers, and landowners of the overall strategy for development in the community.


Municipal Property Tax Rebate Bylaw - available on our Bylaws Page

The Municipal Property Tax Rebate Program is a tax rebate program that Bruderheim created to encourage developers and families to invest in the Town. The policy will provide an opportunity to build new commercial businesses, industrial facilities and houses and receive a three-year municipal property tax rebate. Land, school and Seniors Foundation taxes will still be collected.


Service Levy Bylaw - soon to be available on our Bylaws Page

The Town of Bruderheim is undertaking a review of the Service Levy Bylaw. When available, it will be posted on our Bylaws Page.


Alberta Building Code Changes (2019)

Building codes currently in force. For more information about all applicable building codes, please visit Alberta's Building Codes website.


Design and Construction Standards

This document sets out the design and construction standards for certain types of infrastructure.


Engineering Servicing Standards

This document provides procedures and standards on the development of land and the construction of public and private infrastructure in the Town.