What do I get for my taxes?

It is the Town Administration's mandate to provide quality of life to the residents of Bruderheim.  People often ask what this means and "what do we get for our taxes"?  It is good for residents to understand that not a day goes by without receiving value for your tax dollars. A comprehensive list is found below, but here are a few examples:

Every day you:

  • Have access to roads that have had repairs
  • Are protected from fire
  • Have police to protect your property
  • Can utilize the walking trail system
  • Enjoy the cut grass and weed control
  • Can access family programs and attend community events
  • Have snow cleared when required
  • Have Bylaws enforced
  • Can go skating on the outdoor rink
  • Can watch your kids play on a soccer field, baseball diamond, or in the hockey arena
  • Can access seniors programs


These are just a few examples of your tax dollars at work for you every day in Bruderheim!