Air Quality Health Index

Fort Air Partnership (FAP) is an independent non-profit organization that monitors the air people breathe in and around Alberta’s Industrial Heartland every minute of every day, all year long. FAP has 57 passive monitoring sites and 10 continuous air monitoring stations, one of which is in Bruderheim located near Bruderheim School. Bruderheim has had a continuous air monitoring station since 2010 - it is one of six FAP stations that provide the data necessary for Alberta Environment to calculate an Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) every hour.

The AQHI is a tool that helps people understand what the local outside air quality means to their health. Developed by the Government of Alberta to allow communities to easily determine an overall measure of their local outdoor air quality, the index takes into account air pollutants like sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and particulate matter. A simple scale from one to 10 helps you instantly know what to expect when heading outdoors. Similar to the UV scale we're all familiar with - know the number and you'll know what SPF to wear - the AQHI ranking can help you determine if today is really the best day to train for that marathon or if you should just take it easy and stay indoors. An outdoor activity recommendation corresponds to each risk category.

For more information please contact the Fort Air Partnership.

Air Monitoring Station

 FAP Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Station

In May of 2010, the Town of Bruderheim became home to a FAP Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Station. It is one of only a handful of stations to provide the data necessary for Alberta Environment to calculate an Air Quality Health Index every hour.