Utility Providers



  • Bruderheim gets its water from the Vegreville Water Corridor.
  • The Town does not have a treatment facility, but rather has a 2,273 cubic meter capacity reservoir with distribution pumps. The 44 hydrants within the Town which are serviced twice per year. Chlorine levels within the water are tested each working day, and four samples per month are tested for bacteria content.


  • Wastewater is treated with a lagoon system, which utilizes natural processes to remove contaminants
  • Lagoons are maintained by Public Works under regulations set out by the Alberta Environment Wastewater Code of Practice
  • Lagoon effluent is tested and released once per year each spring

 Waste & Recycling

GFL Environmental is contracted by Bruderheim to pick up waste and recycling items within Town limits.

 Other Local Utility Providers

Telus (phone) 310-2255

Shaw (phone, internet, cable) 780-490-3555

Epcor (electricity) 310-4300

Park Power (electricity) 780-640-2128

Direct Energy (natural gas) 1-866-374-6299

Fortis (street lights) 310-WIRE

Olympus Energy (electricity, gas, internet) 1-855-220-5969

Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving water and energy utility related issues.