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The term 'Minutes' refers to the written record of a meeting. Minutes are taken to provide an overview of each Town Council meeting, beginning with a list of the people present, a statement of the various issues, and the response of Council members. Minutes are brought back to Council the following meeting, and if all members agree that they represent an accurate reflection of what occurred, they are approved and kept as legal documents.


Why are Council meeting minutes not posted immediately?

To ensure accuracy, Town Council must approve the previous meeting's minutes at each Council meeting. For example, at the first meeting in May, Council review's April's last meeting minutes and approves them if accurate. Once approved, the minutes must then go through a signing process. This is why meeting minutes are posted weeks after a Council meeting, and not the following day. 


Please Note: If you would like to view meeting minutes that are not listed on this page, please contact the Bruderheim Town Office at 5017 Queen Street or 780-796-3731. Copies of the following meeting minutes are also available at the Town Office.


2021 Meeting Minutes

January 6 June 16                             
January 20 July 7
February 3 August 18
February 17 September 1
March 3 September 15
March 17 October 6
April 7
October 20
April 21 November 3
May 5 November 17
May 19 December 1
June 2 December 15



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