Proposed annexation


What is annexation?

Annexation is simply the transfer of land from one municipality to another. Annexation does not refer to ownership of land; rather, it refers to a change in jurisdiction.


Why does Bruderheim need more land?

Like many other communities, Bruderheim is growing.  The Town requires land to help facilitate growth objectives established by Bruderheim Town Council. Lands within the proposed annexation area will support industrial and commercial development to increase the Town’s tax base, generate employment opportunities and help to ensure the community’s long-term viability.


What does the annexation process involve?

There are many steps involved in the annexation process. Click here to see an overview of the process.

Bruderheim initiated an annexation application and provided all stakeholders with a Notice of Intent to Annex. The Town of Bruderheim invited residents in the proposed annexation area to meet and provide input on issues affecting their property.

The Town went through the consultation process  to inform, update and allow stakeholders and residents the opportunity to express their opinions regarding the proposed annexation through website and newspaper advertisements, consultation meetings and other methods of contact.

The Councils of Town of Bruderheim and Lamont County met to discuss the annexation proposal.  

There will be opportunity for residents to contest the annexation. If it is contested, a public hearing is conducted by the Municipal Government Board.

The full process can take one full year to complete.


The application for annexation has been submitted to the Province and Bruderheim is awaiting a decision by the Municipal Government Board. A decision is expected by July of 2017.


Proposed Annexation

The Town of Bruderheim wishes to annex property from Lamont County immediately adjacent to the Town’s current south and east boundaries.


The lands that will be affected include:

  • Plan 1843CL: Lot 8, 9
  • Plan 1873CL: Lot 7, 8
  • Plan 1843CL: Lot 6
  • Plan 1320155: Block 14 Lot 4A
  • Plan 1320155: Block 14 Lot 5A
  • SW 32-55-20-W4
  • SE 32-55-20-W4
  • NW 28-55-20-W4
  • NE 29-55-20-W4


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jordan Panasiuk at (780) 895-2233 EXT 239 or by email at



Proposed annexation