Acts of Kindness During Corona

 Acts Of Kindness


The Town of Bruderheim is inspired to see all of the positive actions and kind gestures within our community and from our neighbours during this difficult time.


Mental health is so important right now and we want to encourage everyone to build a strong sense of community, even while maintaining social distancing.


Let's work together through random acts of kindness, to show everyone #WeGotThis and spread some love and smiles.


Join us in our Acts of Kindness During Corona Initiative. If you see something - anything - that makes you smile or makes it easier for you to cope, please share it with us so we can share by:


1. Emailing


2. Private messaging us on


3. Tagging us with "@Bruderheim" on


By sharing or by performing an act of kindness that someone shares with us, you will be entered to win a prize. Let's catch each other doing good!!




These people were caught doing good in Bruderheim:

  • Lily's Steak and Pizza is delivering to the Spring Creek Manor free soup and sandwiches for a month - paid for by an anonymous donation to the Town.
  • Andrea from Old Country Sausage found a commercial supplier who had toilet paper and is selling at her cost.




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