Bruderheim Arena to be renamed after dedicated resident



Bruderheim’s hockey arena—which has been the subject of fundraising efforts for years—now has a new name. The local Maschmeyer and Shwetz families approached the Town with a proposal to donate to the facility and rename it after Karol Maschmeyer. She was a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a very significant member of the community.  

“We wanted to memorialize her—she took great pride in Bruderheim and always wished to leave a place better than when she came,” says Arlan Maschmeyer, Karol’s son. And with the family’s support of the facility, she will do just that yet again. The donated funds will go toward arena renovations and the addition of a hockey ‘hall of fame’ room to create a space for celebrating family and sport, just as Karol would have wanted.

“Karol’s accomplishments—both in her family and in her community—left behind a legacy,” says Bruderheim Mayor Karl Hauch. “The Town is honoured to have our arena bear her name.” Karol moved to Bruderheim in 1965 and quickly made it her home. She was a founding member in the construction of the Bruderheim Arena in 1971—an influential contribution that allowed her three children and fourteen grandchildren to participate in hockey and thrive at the sport. Many of her children and grandchildren excelled in hockey and other sports. The hall of fame room, which will be located in the upstairs portion of the arena, will showcase their incredible accomplishments, along with the achievements of other local athletes.

“Karol enjoyed seeing the town improve and would admire all of the current projects being undertaken by Council, Administration and all the residents,” adds Karoden Shwetz, Karol’s daughter. “She was a doer.” That was certainly evident in all she did for the community—Karol established the Bruderheim Light Horse 4H Club, fostered the acceptance of the Buckskin breed in Canada, set up the Canadian Buckskin Association, chaired the Bruderheim Tourism Committee, helped to develop the Bruderheim Campground and designed the prototype of the Bruderheim flag.

The renovations and the renaming of the facility to the Karol Maschmeyer Arena was unveiled officially in December of 2016.  "We are very excited to be a part of this. It is a very significant milestone for both Bruderheim and Karol’s family,” says Mayor Hauch.

“Karol loved history,” adds Arlan. “She will forever be a part of our family and of Bruderheim's history. She always gave more than she took and we hope that this renovation will be enjoyed by many."


For more information, please contact the Bruderheim Town Office at 780-796-3731.




Karol 1

Karol Maschmeyer had a passion for horses 

Karol 2

Emerance Bronson

Many of Karol's grandchildren excel in sports. Visit Bruderheim's hockey hall of fame room in the newly named and renovated arena to find out more - coming soon...


Above L to R: Emerance Maschmeyer, Bronson Maschmeyer

Left: Brock Maschmeyer