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Sewer Service

Ever wonder what sewer services you're paying for on your utility bill?  You help to cover the cost of a wide range of services, including:

  • Sewer line maintenance 
  • Sewer line upgrades
  • Sewer flushing
  • Determining the condition of sewer lines (e.g., by use of a camera)
  • All costs associated with wastewater treatment, such as
    • chemicals to help digest solids
    • dredging of lagoon cells
    • grass and weed control in lagoon area, and
  • More!



Please store your household grease in a disposable container  -  don't pour it down your drain. Grease will accumulate and can plug our sewer lines, causing sewer back-ups, property damage, and an increase in the cost for maintenance.

Click here to view the Don't Flush Trouble poster to learn what is and is not acceptable for flushing.


Bruderheim's Wastewater Treatment

Bruderheim's wastewater is treated with a lagoon system, which utilizes natural processes to clean our water.

The lagoons are maintained by Public Works under regulations set out by the Alberta Environment Wastewater Code of Practice.

Lagoon effluent is tested and released once per year each spring.