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OUR MISSION            

To preserve life, diminish property losses, protect the environment and support the needs of the community.



Lamont County Emergency Services - Bruderheim Fire District




Non-emergency line        780-796-3966


The Bruderheim Volunteer Fire Department was formed in 1915 and, 100 years later, is still serving the Town of Bruderheim and the County of Lamont as a part time fire department with the following services:

  • Preventing and extinguishing fires
  • Investigating the cause of fires
  • Preserving life and property and protecting persons and property from injury or destruction by fire
  • Providing rescue and assisting with ambulance and emergency medical services
  • Preventing prairie or running fires and enforcing the provisions of the Forest and Prairie Protection Act
  • Preventing, combating, and controlling incidents
  • Carrying out preventable patrols
  • Entering into agreements with other municipalities or persons for the joint use, control, and management of fire extinguishing apparatus and equipment
  • Purchasing and operating apparatus and equipment for extinguishing fires or preserving life or property
  • Controlling and mitigating incidents involving dangerous goods



Fire Hall  

Along with responding to different types of emergencies, the department also maintains strong ties to the community by participating in various community events:

  • Pancake Breakfast, July 1
  • What's Up in Bruderheim
  • Fire Prevention Week activities
  • Pitch-In


We have practice nights every Tuesday at 7:00PM and we welcome you to come and visit! We operate out of the Bruderheim Fire Hall located at the northwest end of Queen Street.

We are always looking for new members; drop by any Tuesday night or stop by the Bruderheim Town Office at 5017 Queen Street to pick up an application. Benefits of joining include:

  • Compensation while on calls or training
  • Access to certified training courses
  • Flexibility
  • A great resume -builder
  • A unique way to serve the community

If you would like more information on the Bruderheim Fire Department, you can visit our website or call the Town of Bruderheim Administration Office at 780-796-3731.


Fire Pit and Burn Permits

If you would like to build a fire pit in your back yard, you will require a fire pit permit, which can be purchased for $10 at the Town Office (780-796-3731; 5017 Queen Street).  Please pick up or download a copy of the application and guidelines before installation of your fire pit. The Fire Chief must inspect your fire pit before the first use (please call the Fire Department at 780-796-3966).

A burn permit, which is free of charge and available at the Town Office or through Lamont County (780-895-2233), is required for rural fires (such as brush or wood piles). A burn permit is required for each burn and is valid for 10 days.


Already have a fire permit? Need to burn? Please call (780) 895-7674 to let us know!



In case of emergency, dial 911.


For general inquiries, please contact the fire hall:

Phone: 780-796-3966

Fax:    780-796-3967



Bruderheim Fire Department

PO Box 280

Bruderheim, AB

T0B 0S0



For further information on emergency preparedness and management, safety hotlines and more, please see our Public Safety section.