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Town Administration Building

Bruderheim Administration Office

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Location / Address:

5017 Queen Street / Box 280

Bruderheim, Alberta

T0B 0S0

Ph: 780-796-3731

Fax: 780-796-3037

Email (General Inquiries): Info@bruderheim.ca 


Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 4:00 pm



Where We Are

Capital Region Board Map

(Source: Capital Region Board website)

The Town of Bruderheim is poised for growth as the Edmonton region's next bedroom community.  It lies in the centre of Alberta's Industrial Heartland -  one of the Province's most economically productive regions  -  and is just minutes from many industry-related job opportunities. Of all the communities in Alberta's Capital Region, Bruderheim is the closest to Fort McMurray, offering our province's oil workers a comfortable place to call home. Short commutes to Fort Saskatchewan (15 minutes) and Edmonton (30 minutes) give easy access to all amenities and allow Bruderheim residents to have it all!


What Makes Us Proud


Aerial Bruderheim


We have so much to be proud of here in Bruderheim (yes, we're bragging!):


We are growing!

Between 2011 and 2016, Bruderheim's population grew a whopping 13.2%! That is well above the 5.6% average growth experienced by other communities in the Fort Saskatchewan trading area.

There's always something happening.

Whether it's a Mom & Tots program encouraging family play or a good old fashioned community dance uniting neighbours and friends, the Town and its dedicated community groups provide a variety of events and programs for all age groups - from preschool to seniors  -  many at no cost to residents.

Our strong community spirit.

You'll find evidence of our strong community spirit in our many commited volunteers and community groups. We believe they're first class!

Smart investment opportunities.

In the current economy, it's hard to balance life and money. But Bruderheim makes it easy. Used homes start at $120,000 and new homes at $250,000, and our serviced lots are selling at 1/3 the cost of those in surrounding areas. Tax rates are the lowest in the region and our Tax Free for Three incentive provides a three year municipal tax break to anyone buying or building a new home.

Our convenient location.

We get to have it all. A small town atmosphere and easy access to all amenities.

A dedicated Town Council.

Our Mayor and Town Council are dedicated to providing the best municipal services and amenities possible and are continually working to improve the quality of life for Bruderheim residents.

Outstanding recreation facilities.

An outdoor rink, paved walking trails, a campground, beautiful green spaces, a chuckwagon race track, the list goes on...

An efficient Public Works team.

Our Public Works team has the best snow removal strategy in the area and during the summer months, they work very hard to keep the Town free of weeds and overgrown grass.

Safety is a priority.

We recently built a new fire hall that will better serve the needs of the community and surrounding area.

A great public school.

The Bruderheim School offers classes from K-6 and a number of excellent programs. The school has even reached the status of Earth School through the SEEDS Foundation for completing over 1,000 projects to communicate about or enhance the environment. There are five Junior and Senior High Schools in the area that students can be bussed to.

Unique businesses.

A wide range of businesses are here to serve you  -  everything from a reliable grocery store and automotive repair shop, to a specialty meat store and massage therapist.

Environmental conscience.

We're committed to making positive environmental choices. We offer a curbside blue bage program and select recycled and environmentally-friendly materials, such as recycled plastic benches, water-based road sealant, or native plants, whenever we can.

A rich heritage.

Our colourful past has made us who we are today. And you can relive it with us by visiting our historical gems  -  including the Old Walker School and the Bruderheim Hotel.

A supportive Church presence.

Both our Bethlehem Lutheran and Moravian churches are an integral part of the community, helping to support our residents through faith and community events and programs.