Lightning Storms

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During a lightning storm...

  • You can estimate the distance of a lightning strike by counting the seconds between the flash and the thunderclap. Each second indicates about 300m. If you count fewer than five seconds, take shelter. 
  • Don't go outside unless absolutely necessary. 
  • If you are indoors, keep away from windows, doors, fireplaces, radiators, stoves, metal pipes, sinks or other charge conductors. Disconnect electrical appliances such as TVs and radios. Don't handle electrical equipment or telephones during an electrical storm. 
  • If you are caught outdoors, seek shelter in a building, a cave or depressed area. 
  • Keep away from fences and telephone and power lines. 
  • Don't use equipment such as tractors, golf carts, motorcycles, lawn mowers or bicycles. Get off and stay away from them; they can be electrical conductors. Don't use metal shovels, golf clubs, clotheslines, etc. 
  • Don't be the tallest object in an open area. Get well away from hilltops and trees.  Never take shelter under a tree. If you're caught in the open, kneel with your feet close together and lower your head. Do not lie flat. 
  • If you are in your car, stay there. Pull away from trees that might fall on the car.