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Bruderheim's Disaster Services Team


Bruderheim's Disaster Services Team works to keep us safe by providing the following services:

  • Direct and control the Town's emergency response unless the Government assumes this position,
  • Prepare and approve emergency plans and programs, and
  • Manage the provision of services in the development or implementation of emergency plans or programs.



The Director of Emergency Management is an integral part of the Disaster Services Team. The Director:

  • Prepares and coordinates emergency plans and programs for the Town,
  • Acts as director of emergency operations, and
  • Coordinates all emergency services and other resources used in an emergency.




Bruderheim's current Disaster Services Team consists of:

Acting Director of Emergency Management  Patty Podoborozny Town of Bruderheim
Deputy Director of Emergency Management  Coming soon...  
Public Information Officer Coming soon...  
Director of Disaster Social Services Sara Rindero Lamont County FCSS
Deputy Director of Disaster Social Services Shelley Ross Town Councillor, Volunteer
Finance / Administrative Assistance Sharron Sinclair Town Employee



We are all responsible for our own personal emergency preparedness. Do you know how to:

Respond when a severe storm threatens?

Take shelter-in-place?

Make your own emergency preparedness kit?


Bruderheim's Emergency Response Plan is available for viewing at the Town Office, located at 5017 Queen Street (780-796-3731).

For more information, contact our Director of Emergency Management:
Alan Klassen
Director of Emergency Management
P.O. Box 280
Town of Bruderheim
Bruderheim, Ab
T0B 0S0
Ph: 780-796-3731
Fax: 780-796-3037