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All dogs within the Town of Bruderheim are required to have an annually updated license and tag.


Download the following license forms from the Forms Page:


  • Dog License Form
  • Dogs Over-Limit Application Form


The application forms and tags are available at the Town Office (5017 Queen Street). 

For further information on licences and tags, please call the Town Office (780-796-3731).




Bruderheim's Dog Control Bylaw


This Bylaw ensures responsible and safe dog ownership within Bruderheim:

  • All dogs must be licensed with the Town of Bruderheim. Licenses must be renewed annually.
  • Only 2 dogs per household. 
  • If you'd like to have a third dog you must complete an Over-Limit Application and submit it with the appropriate fee. If approved, you may then purchase a license for the new dog. Your Over the Limit permit must also be renewed each year.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your dog(s) under control at all times and to not allow excessive barking.
  • You must clean up any waste from your dog(s) when out walking around town. 
  • Your dog(s) must always be on a leash if out of your yard and must be confined to your yard when at home.
  • Any dog that attacks a person, threatens a person, chases a vehicle, chases a person on a bicycle, horse or while walking, or attacks another pet is guilty of an offence and Bylaw officers can be called to enforce the Bylaw.

Please visit our Bylaws Page to view this and other bylaws...




Local Vet Services


Wild Rose Animal Clinic 

10315 99 Ave, Fort Saskatchewan

Phone: (780) 998-1755


Fort Saskatchewan Veterinary Clinic

10310 100 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan

Phone: (780) 998-3755