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Bruderheim prides itself on its various partnerships within the community as well as with our neighbouring municipalities, counties, and organizations. These partnerships allow for a number of services and recreational opportunities that enhance the lives of those living within the community and surrounding area.



Our Partners:


Community Groups

Bruderheim boasts a wide variety of incredibly dedicated community groups. It is our privelege to partner with them in many projects and events.



Bruderheim School



Lamont County

Strathcona County

Bruderheim and Strathcona County have a unique and close relationship.  Strathcona County has provided the Town with a Chief Administratice Officer (CAO) for nearly 20 years!   The Town is directly adjacent to Strathcona County and approached the County to provide the service.   This relationship benefits both municipalities by providing the County with the opportunity to learn about the many challenges faced by a small municipality, while the Town benefits from the ability to access the vast expertise that is employed by a regional leader such as Strathcona County. Just a few areas of benefit to the Town: 

  • Administrative leadership from individuals with municipal experience (CAO)
  • Computer support and advice
  • Land use development planning advice
  • Recreation facility advice and support
  • Building management and planning (new firehall)
  • Legislative services and legal advice
  • Roadway, sidewalk, field, utility infrastructure advice and planning


These name only a few services the Town of Bruderheim has access to from Strathcona County.  The staff of the Town can call the Staff from Strathcona County at any time if advice is needed.  The key to the relationship? A shared understanding and mutual benefit!


External Organizations


Alberta HUB

The Northeast Alberta Information HUB is an alliance of Communities, Colleges, Business and Industry that conveys the best of what the region offers. From living to working or investing, this interactive website provides everything you need to make your move to the Alberta HUB region. 


Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association

Alberta's Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA) is a non-profit cooperative group of five municipalities dedicated toward sustainable eco-industrial development. The Town of Bruderheim is an Associate Member of the AIHA.


Community Futures


MPE Engineering


Municipal Planning Services


Rural Alberta Business Centre