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The Town of Bruderheim’s 2019 Interim Operating Budget was approved on December 18th, 2018.


The budget maintains service levels and invests in maintaining Town infrastructure to prepare for our bright future. The Interim Operating Budget calls for a 2.91 per cent tax increase in support of municipal operating needs. 

Town Council voted not to take a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2019 in order to minimize the tax increase.


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How is the budget set?

The Town budget is set annually by Council. Town Administration presents the budget to Council in the fall, which includes all programs and services provided to the residents of Bruderheim. The municipal budget consists of an operating budget and a capital budget, and includes recommended funding sources.

  • The operating budget provides for ongoing services that residents enjoy every day such as snow clearing, grass cutting, and road maintenance
  • The capital budget provides for the replacement of essential infrastructure and equipment necessary for support of municipal services


The budget represents the resources required to provide services to residents and determines the taxes required from residents. The budget is the process from which Council provides direction to Administration as to the services provided. It allows Council's vision for the Town to be implemented through actions that are reflected in the budget.



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