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Fellow earth-lovers may find these resources useful:


Beaver Hills Initiative

The Beaver Hills Initiative is an award-winning effort that advances land use planning to include the social, economic and ecological factors - equally.

The Beaver Hills spreads across five counties. This unique area includes Elk Island National Park, Ministik Lake Bird Sanctuary, Black Foot/Cooking Lake Recreational Area, Miquelon Provincial Park and several hundred acres of both publicly and privately protected areas.

The Beaver Hills Initiative educates, informs and acts as a forum to facilitate communication between the public, private landowners, all levels of government and other involved partners.



Fort Air Partnership

The Fort Air Partnership is an independent, non-profit organization that monitors and reports on the air people breathe in the 'Fort airshed', a 4,500 square km region northeast of Edmonton.



North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) is a non-profit society whose purpose is to protect and improve water quality and ecosystem functioning within the North Saskatchewan River watershed in Alberta.


Friends of Elk Island Society (FEIS)

The Friends of Elk Island Society (FEIS) cooperates with Parks Canada to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for Elk Island National Park.



Life in the Heartland

Here you will find a wealth of information on the many facets of sustainable industrial operations and development in Alberta's Industrial Heartland.