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Bruderheim lies within the Fort Air Partnership Airshed, an area covering approximately 4,500 square kilometres northeast of Edmonton. Outdoor air quality is monitored by the Fort Air Partnership (FAP), an independent not-for-profit society, with data collected from eight continuous monitoring stations and 62 passive monitoring sites that provide monthly average concentratiosn for the substances monitored.


Air Monitoring Station  

In May of 2010, the Town of Bruderheim became home to a FAP Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Station. It is one of only a handful of stations to provide the data necessary for Alberta Environment to calculate an Air Quality Health Index every hour.

The Air Quality Health Index, or AQHI, is a tool designed to help understand what air quality means to the public's health. It provides information needed to protect publix health by:

  • limiting short-term exposure to air pollution during air quality events
  • adjusting activity levels during air pollution events






The AQHI rating was developed by Alberta Environment to allow communities to easily determine an overall measure of their local outdoor air quality. The index takes into account common air pollutants like sulphur dioxide, ozone, and odours.

A simple scale from one to 10 helps you instantly know what to expect when heading outdoors.  Similar to the UV scale we're all familiar with - know the number and you'll know what SPF to wear - the AQHI ranking can help you determine if today is really the best day to train for that marathon or if you should just take it easy and stay indoors.





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A regularly updated Air Quality Health Index for the Bruderheim station is accessible  on the Fort Air Partnership's website. You can  view it by clicking here.

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For more information please contact the Fort Air Partnership.