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We are growing!

Between 2011 and 2016, Bruderheim's population grew a whopping 13.2%! That is well above the 5.6% average growth experienced by other communities in the Fort Saskatchewan trading area.


About us

Bruderheim lies within Alberta's Industrial Heartland, Canada's largest hydrocarbon processing region and one of the world's most attractive locations for petro-chemical, chemical, oil, and gas investment. The 582 square kilometre region is home to 40+ world class companies with a combined investment of over $25 billion (source: Alberta's Industrial Heartland website).

Companies in the area range from large integrated global chemical and petro-chemical industries, to industrial service companies. They directly employ approximately 5,000 people (not including contract employees) and spend approximately $700 million to purchase goods and services in the region, not including utilities and feedstock for their plants. Current industrial investment in manufacturing plants and infrastructure in the region already exceeds $25 billion, and an additional $18 to 24 billion in investment is expected in the next 10-25 years (source: Northeast Capital Industrial Association website).

Shell Expansion

Now is a great time to invest in Bruderheim! Serviced lots are 1/3 the price of Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park area lots, and our Tax Free for Three policy gives new developments a three year municipal tax break. Bruderheim sits directly adjacent to industry (on its north, east and west sides), and of all the communities within the Capital Region and Industrial Heartland, Bruderheim is the closest to Fort McMurray. The Town's connection to major transportation networks (Highways 15 and 45) will help steer your business development toward success.

Additionally, the Town recently updated its Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw to create new zoning for light industry, and progress with land annexation. This has opened doors to prepare for industrial and commercial ventures.

With the industry around us and ample inexpensive land available, the potential for complimentary industry and services to the Industrial Heartland and Fort McMurray is both logical and exciting!


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